Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Inentions!

The New Year is here and the Angels are lovingly guiding me to set my intentions for 2011. Many people set goals and resolutions when the New Year comes around, but the Angels tell me that setting intentions is a much more powerful and deliberate way to improve your life.
Usually, when we make a resolution it is similar to setting a goal with a deadline. We force the execution of our goal or resolution from a place of punishment, fear or anger. We think we must compromise a part of ourselves to “become better.”
An intention has a much different vibration ~ an intention comes from the subtle power within your spirit, and it leads to huge results over time. Think of a ship and its compass. A ship travelling due south will end up in a totally different location if it's course is changed just one degree. In the same way, you can create a simple intention for yourself this year and land in a totally different life in the months ahead.
I asked the angels: “what are intentions?” They describe intentions as thoughts that translate into a feeling in your heart about an outcome that you want to create in your life. The angels show me a beautiful heart opening with musical notes and beautiful streams of colors pouring out of it. They tell me that the feeling associated with your thoughts or ideas is the way that you know you are creating an intention. You feel excitement, powerful, love and support from the universe. You analyze your actions in terms of whether or not they are in alignment with your intentions, and you don’t punish yourself if you fall of the wagon so to speak.
Common examples of things that people intend to create in the New Year are: a loving relationship, a new job, a more healthy body and more money. These are all wonderful things to create to experience love and joy in your life to the greatest potential, because ultimately that's what we were are born to do!
Steps to create your New Years Intentions:
  1. Quiet Your Mind ~ through your favorite meditation or with the Angel 5-5-5 Deep Breath Meditation (5 deep breaths: 5 seconds for each inhale through your nose, 5 seconds for each exhale through your nose...posted elsewhere in this blog on 12/1/10).
  2. Specify What You Want & Write It Down ~ Think specifically about what you want. Write it down. General feelings such as “I want to be happy” are not informative enough to the universe to produce results. Get specific about what it is you want, and it can be a broad intention or a narrow intention… “I want a loving relationship with my soulmate.” “I want a job where I feel appreciated and well-compensated.” “I want a wonderful and open relationship with my children.” These are specific outcomes that you want to create and even though they seem broad, they give you and the universe a direction in which to create. You can even be more specific and intend something like your dream car that you have always wanted. Once you have decided what each intention is, write it down. 
  3.  Intend What You Want With Your Feelings ~ For each specific item that you wrote down, think about what it means to you and why you want it…picture your heart opening up and filling up with love and joy when you experience what it is that you want. For example, if you want a new car you can close your eyes, picture your heart center opening and picture a river of love and rushing joyfully out of your heart, and to your car and back into your heart. Think about what type of car you want, how fun it will be to have it, where you will drive, what it will feel like driving, where you will go, etc. Really get into the feeling of it, and why you want it...and don’t worry about the limitations you have at this moment that you might think are there preventing you from getting what you want. Just dive into the feelings. Writing your feelings down may also be a helpful way to complete this step.
  4. Listen For Guidance, Trust & Allow ~ Listen for guidance, not only at the time that you are first completing the process, but from here on out.  Listen to your intuition, your angels and your guides for messages on what physical steps you can take to create your intentions.  You have to learn to trust your guidance an intuition, and then allow things to happen. At the very least, you can keep your intentions in mind throughout the day and ask yourself whether what you’re doing is in alignment or support of your intention.
  5. Let Your Worries Go ~ Don't worry that you cant have something you want due to lack of money or anything else, or that you dont deserve it. Let go of any judgments you may have about yourself if you want material objects. You are here to experience all of the wonders of this world, including love, relationships, a healthy body and material objects.  Your worries can get in your way, so if you need help letting them go, do a process such as the Angel Response Technique ~  Changing Negative Thought Patterns (posted elsewhere in this blog on 8/8/10). Kundalini Yoga and Healing Breathwork Sessions are also helpful in releasing fear, judgments and doubts that are blocking you from creating your intentions. If you really intend to create something out of love and joy, the angels will do everything they can to help you create it!
You can do this process as much as you like, for whatever it is that you want to create. At first it might feel like you are making things up. It’s ok and actually natural to feel that way…just let any doubts slip out of your mind and keep on playing with the Inention process. At the very least, you will enjoy the New Year's Intention process more than trying to force yourself to stick to a New Year's resolution.  

 Remember…if the universe gave you the desire to have, do or be something, it must support you…so let it! Take the steps you are guided to take, trust that things will come to you, and get out of your own way.

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Important Notice:

Nina's intention is to assist  people who feel guided to work with her and to empower her clients to strengthen their own intuitive powers and abilities to connect to their angels and guides.

Nina Jasmine is NOT a medical doctor or medical practitioner of any kind. While angelic healing may be helpful to many people in various ways, it is NOT a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment!!! Nina does not want to pass herself off as a doctor of any kind and is NOT licensed by any medical board anywhere in the world.

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