Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's a Private Angel Healing Session With Nina Jasmine Like?

A private session with Nina Jasmine is tailored to each client's individual needs. The basic format is the same for the majority of sessions, and it is based on guidance provided by the angels.

Nina starts out by discussing the client's needs and most prominent issues which the client would like to address in the session. Then Nina will explain what the client may expect will happen during the course of the session and the types of modalities that Nina may be guided to use for the client. Next, Nina and the client "tune in" to the angelic realm and call in the angels and guides to assist them with the the client's needs. 

After tuning in, Nina will often receive messages that the client's angels have been wanting to tell him or her for quite some time, and the messages may or may not address the client's initial questions. After the angels have provided guidance about what they think is most important to the client's life, Nina asks the angels direct questions regarding the client's concerns.  Nina will then perform an angel card reading to gain more insight to the angel's guidance.

Next, the angels may guide Nina to perform healing techniques such as cutting chords that may hold a client to a past lover or spouse, or anyone in the client's life who may be "sucking" energy from the client. The angels may also give "homework" for the client to do later, such as specific clearing techniques to remove subconscious blockages, or for example to cut chords inside the client's home to allow for new energy to come in.

Lastly, Nina will guide the client to do a healing breathwork meditation which will clear out energetic and subconscious blockages in the client's life, as well as solidify the guidance which came through the session.

If you feel guided by your angels to request a session, you can contact Nina via her website:

Important Notice: 

Nina's intention is to assist people who feel guided to work with her and to empower her clients to strengthen their own intuitive powers and abilities to connect to their angels and guides.

Nina Jasmine is NOT a medical doctor or medical practitioner of any kind. While angelic healing may be helpful to many people in various ways, it is NOT a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment!!! Nina does not want to pass herself off as a doctor of any kind and is NOT licensed by any medical board anywhere in the world. 

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