Sunday, August 8, 2010

Changing Negative Thought Patterns – Angel Response Technique

Here's a handout that I often give to my private angel therapy clients:

Your negative thought patterns create beliefs that prevent you from living the life you have always wanted to live. It is only natural, and human, for your mind, fears, and ego to get in the way of your hopes and dreams. As for most people, my negative thoughts pop up several times a day…thanks to the help of the angels and my spiritual mother, Lily ( I am able to turn to this beautiful technique for effective assistance.

With this technique, you can let everything out that is bothering you: your thoughts, your fears, your emotions, your beliefs. Then you ask your higher self, guides or angels to help you to see the situation in a different and more realistic way…as Wayne Dyer says, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change.”

This simple technique gives you the ability to make lasting changes because you break down the negative patterns into individual thoughts and deal with each little piece of the puzzle until the pattern dissolves. Note that you can turn to your guardian angels, your guides, your higher self or any ascended masters that you wish (such as Buddha, Jesus, Ganiesha) with this technique. They always answer, and more importantly, they always help you see reality.

Here are the four simple steps…the key to getting the results is to do this as a written exercise so that it is solidified in your mind and to the universe! 

Step 1: Draw a line down the center on a page. On the left side column write: My Present Thoughts, Fears, Emotions, Beliefs. On the Right side column write: How Would the Angels/Guides/Higher Self respond?

Step 2: Begin writing on the left side of the page. Write down the fears, negative thoughts, emotions that you currently have repeating in your head. Keep writing until you feel like you have gotten everything out! Don’t be shy, just be honest and don’t judge yourself for your thoughts. Note that the same things tend to keep popping up day after day – it’s ok! Just keep writing them down as they arise.

Step 3: Tune into the higher dimensions of your angels, guides, higher self: take a deep breath and say aloud or in your mind, “Dear Angels, Guides, Higher Self, I ask you to be with me now and help me with this exercise - provide me with direct and effective messages that will help me start to overcome my negative patterns and belief systems so I can start living the life I want to live!!!”

Step 4: Read each item on the left side to the angels, guides, your higher self, and then ask them what they would say about it if they were in your shoes. The angels only have loving, rational answers – they are here to help you see things as they really are -  write what they say down on the right side of the page.
Please see the chart I have made for some help with examples…

My Present Thoughts, Fears, Emotions, Beliefs

How Would The Angels Respond?
1. I’m never going to be able to support myself or find a good job.
1. There have been times where I have supported myself and found a job that I have been happy with. I now have bigger aspirations and desires than I did in the past and maybe that’s the real reason why I don’t feel content. I’m sure there’s something I can do to make my desires a reality that’s more productive than beating up on myself all day long.  [response in personal voice]
2. I really hate being out of shape. I have no self-control and just eat whatever is in front of me. I feel so helpless!!!!
2. You know that you have a choice when you are eating, and you are choosing to eat things that make you feel bad. You do have self-control or else you would continue eating indefinitely! Try eating one meal a day that you know is healthy and see if that gives you the motivation you need to eat more healthily.  [response from “angels” point of view]






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Important Notice: 

Nina's intention is to assist people who feel guided to work with her and to empower her clients to strengthen their own intuitive powers and abilities to connect to their angels and guides.

Nina Jasmine is NOT a medical doctor or medical practitioner of any kind. While angelic healing may be helpful to many people in various ways, it is NOT a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment!!! Nina does not want to pass herself off as a doctor of any kind and is NOT licensed by any medical board anywhere in the world.

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