Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The KISS Method

When I was in law school, I clerked for a NY Supreme Court Judge. I was lucky enough to work for a judge who allowed me to write the bulk of the decisions that were published in law journals. Not only did I learn to become a better lawyer, but I also learned one of the most important resources that I still use to this day ~ The Kiss Method.

The first week of my clerkship, I wrote a long, complex and what I thought was brilliant decision. The judge's assistant looked down at the novel I had just handed him, looked up at me and took his glasses off. With his thick New York accent he proceeded to say:  "Honey, let me tell you something...around here, we do everything with the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart." He handed my "masterpiece" back to me without reading it and told me to give him something useful, something that anyone could understand. At first I was shocked, but I quickly realized the value in simplicity. I learned that the most effective things in life often tend to be the most simple, whether they are in the form of a legal decision or guidance from the Angels.

As I have mentioned before, I utilize all of my educational and spiritual training to help elevate my classes and private sessions. The KISS Method is no exception, and the Angels remind me to use it whenever it is beneficial. In fact, the Angels love the KISS method because it is a straightforward and effective way to manifest things in the physical world. This is surprising to most, as many people think that you have to "try hard" to get what you want...but that just isn't so!

In fact, when people come to workshops or for private sessions, they are surprised when the Angels reiterate simple messages that they have been receiving for quite some time, and the messages may come through myself, another teacher, or a classmate.  They may even get disappointed because they wanted to hear something more fancy or complicated. This type of disappointment usually means that they have a subconscious block that is preventing them from taking action and moving forward. Without judgment, I lovingly remind them that simple guidance works just as well as complex guidance, if not better because its easier to remember!

The next time you ask for guidance, don't be surprised if its simple and easy to follow. In fact, the simple messages that are repetitive are usually the most important for you to act upon. Be grateful that you are receiving messages and take guided will be surprised to get remarkable results!

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