Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Angel 5-5-5 Breathwork Meditation

Earlier this year, I had a traumatic experience and literally did not know what to do with myself. I was home alone and crying and hyperventilating. I kept asking the Angels "What should I do? What should I do?"  It took a while, but eventually I heard "Breathe." So I started to take some deep breaths in a specific way as guided by the Angels. The Angels guided me to do what I now describe as the Angel 5-5-5 Breathwork Meditation.

After I completed this meditation and was able to hear the Angels clearly once again, I understood the power of this simple meditation. I realized that the times that I needed the Angels' guidance the most (when I felt anxious and stressed) were often the times that it was most difficult for me to receive it. Intuitively I knew that they were around when I needed them, I also knew that something was going on that prevented me from receiving their help.

The Angels informed me that when we are in times of extreme stress, sadness, anxiousness, grief or fear,  we are too caught up in those emotions to listen to, see, or feel guidance. They confirmed that they are always there for us, we just don't always notice.  The Angel 555 Breathwork Meditation helps to calm down and remove the fog that is created by intense emotions so that we can hear the Angels' guidance and receive their loving assistance in times of need.

Angel 5-5-5 Breathwork Meditation

This simple and effective method is completed in under one minute, but produces great results.

1. Sit or lie down so that your spine is straight
2. Inhale through your nose deeply, for 5 seconds/counts
3. Exhale through your nose deeply, for 5 seconds/counts
4. Repeat until you have inhaled and exhaled 5 times.

Breathwork calms us down, clears our chakras and gets us out of the intense emotional state to a place where we remember that the Angels are always here to help us for all matters, big and small.

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