Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting What You Want – Angel Response Technique

Often times we call upon the angels to help us get what we want in our lives. It can be something instantaneous like a traffic-free highway to something in our near future like our soul mate.

The fastest way to get what we want is to think of the lowest common denominator of what we are asking for…in other words, ask for the result that we want to achieve instead of trying to control how we are going to get it.

The angels explained this technique to me as I was driving. I was driving home from yoga and it was a beautiful LA day…the sun was shining and I decided to put the windows down and open the sun roof. As I was driving, an older car ahead of me in the next lane had an unpleasant smoggy fume coming out of the exhaust. Angrily, I asked for the angels to make the car slow down so I can drive past it and enjoy my day. The angels loving replied, what is it that you really want? I just wanted those fumes to go away and the only way I could think that could happen is if I avoided that car. However, the angels said “ask us for the end result and let us work it out.” I thought about it and reluctantly replied “I want nice air in and around my car.”(And I might have said “so please get that car out of my way”).  Seconds later, I didn’t see or smell any fumes coming out of the car. It felt great to just ask and turn it over to the angels, as they say.

Excited by the recent result I had received, I asked: “how can I make this happen all the time.” They loving replied “you don’t have to make anything happen. Just look for the lowest common denominator that you want from the situation and then ask for it.” This made sense to me and can be applied in any circumstance. For example, when arguing with my partner over something, I would get mad and ask the angels to help him see things my way, to help me win the argument! Yes, sometimes it would work, but now always. I asked how I can turn those situations over to the angels to get a similar result…here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “what about winning disputes with my partner, I just wish he would see things my way!”
Angels: “how would you feel if he saw things your way?”
Me: “That he saw that I was right and I won!”
Angels: “What would it mean if you were right and you won?”
Me: “That he understands my point of view and respects it?”
Angels: “ok, now that would that feel like?”
Me: “That he accepts me”
Angels: “anything else?”
Me: “that I accept me?”
Angels: “So the lowest common denominator here is acceptance…the next time you are in a quarrel, ask us to help with acceptance from your partner and self-acceptance…and allow us to help things unfold.”

I am so grateful to the angels for sharing this technique with me, and I ask that the angels remind me to utilize this technique every time it is going to help me.  You can ask for the angels to guide you in this way as well. It would be best to write this technique out as a conversation with the angels as I have above. Give it a try and see how it works!

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Nina's intention is to assist people who feel guided to work with her and to empower her clients to strengthen their own intuitive powers and abilities to connect to their angels and guides.

Nina Jasmine is NOT a medical doctor or medical practitioner of any kind. While angelic healing may be helpful to many people in various ways, it is NOT a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment!!! Nina does not want to pass herself off as a doctor of any kind and is NOT licensed by any medical board anywhere in the world.

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