Sunday, October 10, 2010

How To Receive Messages From Your Angels & Guides

Everyone has at least one or more angels with them at all times. Often times, your angels and guides try to communicate with you regarding all types of matters, especially when you ask for their guidance.

Have you ever wondered how you receive messages from your angels & guides?  If you sense that you may be getting angelic guidance, ask that it be filtered through Archangel Michael’s light and that it be of the highest and purest vibrational frequency.  Angelic guidance is always loving and uplifting. Even when your angels really want you to do something, they will never tell you in a hurtful or condescending way. They will gently and lovingly guide you until you receive their messages. Angelic messages are loving and repetitive, so don’t be afraid that you will miss out on their guidance.

 Here are the four basic ways that we receive angelic messages, nicknamed the "4 claires" by Doreen Virtue:

1. Clairvoyance ~ Visual Guidance. You may see the angels or meaningful symbols in your mind’s eye, third eye, in reality or in a dream. Often times, visual messages from the angels come through in your mind’s eye as if you are visualizing or day dreaming something. The angels may appear in your mind’s eye, or they may send you images that are important and symbolic to you. For example, during one of my readings, a client indicated that she had recently applied to a graduate school program. The angels showed me a picture of a beautiful white fountain close to an ocean. In fact, it was the fountain at the school she had hoped to attend, and the school was located near the ocean!

2. Clairaudience ~ Hearing Messages. When you hear messages loud and clear in reality or in your mind as your voice or as the voice of another. I find that when I ask a question and sit quiet and listen, I receive an answer quickly from my angels and guides, and it often comes through as a voice in my head. It’s as if I have a conversation in my head with the angels. You’ll know that it’s true guidance from the angels when the voice is gentile (even if its firm) and gives you loving messages.

3. Claircognizance ~ Knowing; Profound Thoughts. You receive this type of guidance when you “just know” something without any logical reason. Usually it is a subtle thought or an idea and you can’t really say where it came from. For me, this ability has become stronger and stronger as with time and faith in myself and my angels. As an attorney, I often needed “evidence” for the things that people said. However, I often relied on things I knew “in my gut” for decision-making. After angel training, I realized that my talent for knowing what to do and when to do it was really my ability to receive messages from my angels!

4. Clairsentience ~ Feeling Guidance. You can feel the angels’ presence around us in many ways. You may feel a warm presence near you, a gentle touch stroking your shoulders, or even the angels wings embracing you over your shoulders. Authentic angelic experiences make you feel safe and comfortable. Often I feel the angels’ loving presence over my shoulder. Sometimes I even feel my grandmother who has passed away come to me and stroke my forehead.   If you ever ask for protection and safety, you may feel Archangel Michael place a shield of light around you.

Remember, your angels are here to guide and protect you, and they love it when you ask for their guidance. Be gentile on yourself and your angels and take your time learning how to receive your angels’ guidance. 

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Important Note: 

Nina's intention is to assist people who feel guided to work with her and to empower her clients to strengthen their own intuitive powers and abilities to connect to their angels and guides.

Nina Jasmine is NOT a medical doctor or medical practitioner of any kind. While angelic healing may be helpful to many people in various ways, it is NOT a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment!!! Nina does not want to pass herself off as a doctor of any kind and is NOT licensed by any medical board anywhere in the world.